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Jimmy Nelson, Seeing the World in All Its Richness and Glory

Renowned artist Jimmy Nelson shares his personal story, and how his experiences have directed his efforts to use aesthetic empowerment for a better world, for generations to come, by reigniting the fire and pride within and for indigenous people.

Music: “Mother Earth” Written and Performed By Carlos Villalobos
Host: Kim Langbecker, Executive Director Terra Conservation Initiative
Producers: Ellen O’Connell and Ann Volkwein
Editor: Eliot Korb


Destined for Purpose: Terra Explore Expeditions

July 2020 Terra Explore Expeditions ( was set to launch this summer, with trips developed to support the work of Terra Conservation partners in Papua New Guinea, Kenya and South Africa. Mother nature had other ideas, and as we contend with the...

Environmental Impact: COVID-19 and the Preservation of our Natural World

April 2020 by Ellen C. O’Connell The world has come to a literal halt in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, and one of the only silver linings, it seems, is the idea that we are giving the planet a bit of breathing room. Many...

A Village and Wildlife Conservation Story in the Age of Coronavirus

Makifu, Tanzania, Ruaha National Park, March 2020 By Remer Lane I was first greeted by Happy Sanga at a village meeting in Makifu, Tanzania in March 2019. She was a petite woman with large intelligent eyes that expressed an eagerness to make something of herself, for...


TCI Expanding Efforts To Protect & Preserve Vulnerable Wildlife & Lands  February 11, 2020 Terra Conservation Initiative (, is amplifying support of international conservation and wildlife protection focused on non-profit and...

TCI believes in a collaborative conservation approach, which views conservation as an investment into community, thereby building a newer, mightier future.