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Terra Stories

In this series we share the stories of wildlife rangers on the frontlines of the fight against poaching, how technology is being used to support their efforts and what life is like for those who are creating sustainable economies for the vulnerable and at-risk populations who are protecting Earth’s most precious resources.  Please reach out to us at for questions, comments or suggestions for topics.

Music: “Mother Earth” Written and Performed By Carlos Villalobos
Host: Kim Langbecker
Producers: Ellen O’Connell and Ann Volkwein
Editor: Eliot Korb

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On the Frontlines: A Warrior and His Rangers

Meet Marc McDonald, founder of ICORP (International Coalition of Rhino Protection) and a 35-year veteran of counter-poaching in Africa. Marc is a true Wildlife Warrior with many tales to tell from the African bush. No one champions and values his rangers more passionately than Marc. Learn about his work and the harsh realities they face each day.

Part 2: Focused Conservation, Bringing Wildlife Traffickers to Justice

Wim Brown and Lydia Rouse continue their conversation with Kim, discussing  the impact of the pandemic, public health issues tied to trafficking, and Wim’s formation of specialized, highly effective Wildlife Crime Units. 

Part 1: Focused Conservation, Bringing Wildlife Traffickers to Justice

Founder and CEO Wim Brown and Director of Development Lydia Rouse of Focused Conservation reveal how their team works to fight illicit wildlife trafficking syndicates. Wim brings his years of investigative experience and skill set as a former DEA agent to fight this global crisis.

Jimmy Nelson, Seeing the World in All Its Richness and Glory

Renowned artist Jimmy Nelson shares his personal story, and how his experiences have directed his efforts to use aesthetic empowerment for a better world, for generations to come, by reigniting the fire and pride within and for indigenous people.

Part 2: To Protect and Conserve, Mara Elephant Project, Kenya

Kim continues the conversation with Marc Goss and Dr. Jake Wall, to learn how technology is used to support their counter poaching efforts and Maasai Mara ecosystem conservation goals.

Part 1: To Protect and Conserve, Mara Elephant Project, Kenya

Marc Goss and Dr. Jake Wall share their perspectives on the current state of the Mara, and how the pandemic is affecting their work protecting Kenya’s most majestic wildlife and ecosystem.

Seeking a Sustainable Path for Conservation

Terra collaborators Ellen O’Connell and Remer Lane discuss conservation funding associated with tourism, and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in both the industry and its local communities.

TCI believes in a collaborative conservation approach, which views conservation as an investment into community, thereby building a newer, mightier future.