Explore: Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea with Mahonia Na Dari

Our expedition begins on New Britain, within the grounds of the Walindi Plantation Resort. This beautiful location is our base of operations from which we explore the region in association with our NGO partner, Mahonia Na Dari, which translates to Guardian of the Sea in the local Bakovi language. 

MND’s Marine Education Environmental Program supports conservation of the natural marine environments and biodiversity of Kimbe Bay, increasing environmental awareness and inspiring local action to protect reefs, waterways, turtle nesting areas, sea grass beds, mangrove areas and cultural sites. The program includes practical sessions covering a wide range of subjects including marine biology, conservation, scientific survey methods, coral reef ecology, ecosystem connectivity, land use and human impacts on the marine environment and threats including climate change and adaptation practices. In addition, for the last 20 years, Professor Geoff Jones and his lab group based at James Cook University (Australia) have collected one of the most significant long-term reef monitoring data sets in the region and have published some of the most important studies to date in the fields of marine ecology and conservation.

Walindi is also the homeport of our exploration vessel, the MV FeBrina, under the command of Captain Alan Raabe and crew.







Guidelines for Participation

While not a requirement to fully participate in the program, a SCUBA certification is strongly recommended.


Trip Highlights

Upon arrival we spend three nights at Walindi. As we acclimate, we will become familiar with the MND facilities and staff and explore the Kimbe Bay area. In association with our scientists, an engaged and rewarding immersive educational experience begins, through culture, biology and geology. We then board the MV FeBrina and begin our voyage of discovery through the Bismarck Sea and the cornucopia of experience available only to the purposefully intrepid explorer.

Our voyage is 9 nights in duration, diving, trekking, and flying throughout the Bismarck and Solomon Seas. We explore the reefs of Lolobau Island, which form the majestic Fathers Reef System, considered by many leading experts such as Dr. John “Charlie” Veron as the most diverse and pristine coraline complex on the planet. Majestically rising above the jungle canopy of the island is Mt. Ulawun (The Father), an active volcano dominating the landscape of the area. The endemic creatures of both land and sea will fill our days with active and insightful engagements under the guidance of our team scientist. And we are timing our expedition so we may take part in the famous, and kaleidoscopic, Rabaul Mask Festival—one of the largest Sing-Sings in PNG.

Rabaul is truly one of the very special places on Earth. Considered an ideal port of call for centuries. The entire area is an active caldera, one of the largest on the planet. Volcanoes Mt. Vulcan and Mt. Tavurvur flank Simpson Harbour and Blanche Bay, where earthquakes and daily eruptions are commonplace. Numerous artifacts are strewn throughout the jungle and within these seas, as the area was a primary Japanese naval and air base during WWII (1942-45). 

We will fly back to Kimbe from Rabaul and enjoy two more nights at Walindi, and explore more of Kimbe Bay and the Willaumez Peninsula region, once again in association with MND. Local exploratory activities include trekking through the jungle to the volcanic hot river, the firefly trees, climbing the active volcano Mt. Garbuna, and bird watching for over 50 species, over half of which are endemic to the Bismarck Archipelago. 

For an exceptionally unique, immersive sensory experience we have the option to take flight with Niugini Helicopters, aboard one of their Bell Turbine Birds (206L, 407V, 427T). The jungles, volcanoes, reefs, waterfalls, and wrecks viewed from ‘on high’ dimensionally reinforce our exploratory experience. 


Days 1-2 – Arrive at the Walindi Plantation Resort; acclimatize and enjoy an introduction to Mahonia Na Dari’s research and team. Prepare for the voyage.

Days 3-11 – 9 nights aboard the MV FeBrina, complete extensive reef diving, explore the Bismark Sea, Lolobau Island and Rabaul.

Days 12-13 – Return to port at Walindi Plantation Resort to further explore Kimbe Bay and the Willaumez Peninsula Region.


Terms of Payment

We will reserve a space on a particular program upon receipt of the $500 Deposit, processed as a donation through the Givvor fundraising platform, through the link above. Note that a portion of your trip is tax deductible, as a donation to the non-profit partner associated with the expedition.

For reservations received after March 15, final payment is due within five business days after the initial payment is made. 

Payment Includes:

Meals, lodging, activities, excursions, ground transportation, taxes, and gratuities. 

Payment Excludes:

Airfare, costs associated with passports or visas, baggage charges, trip cancellation/travel insurance and personal expenses. 

Travel Fees: If your arrival in Papua falls outside of the designated window(s) indicated in pre-trip materials, you will be charged a minimum of $200 to cover the cost of logistics. 

Transportation Details

International and domestic airfare and any internal flights during the expedition are not included in the cost of the trip. We have a travel agent that will assist you.

A $500 Reservation Deposit is required. The deposit is credited to your trip. Payment must be made via the provided link, on the Givvor platform. 

Final Payment: Final payment of the full tuition is due on March 15, 2020. For reservations submitted after March 15, final payment is due within five (5) business days after the initial $500 payment is made. Final payment must be made to the expedition for Terra Conservation Initiative via the provided Givvor link. 

If space is not available, the full $500 Reservation Deposit amount will be refunded, or if full payment has been made, the amount of the full payment will be refunded.

Waiting List: Wait-listed participants must include the $500 Tuition Deposit, which will be fully refunded if space does not become available. 

Withdrawal: If a participant withdraws from a program for any reason, the following terms will govern any refunds. For a withdrawal on or before March 15, all payments will be refunded, less the Reservaton Deposit. For a withdrawal after March 15, no refunds of the $500 payment, payment in full, or (if applicable) group flight airline tickets will be made.

Cancellation: Terra Explore Expeditions further reserves the right to revoke a reservation when payment is past due. No refund of the payments made to date is provided in this circumstance. If Terra Explore Expeditions cancels a reservation on or before March 15, all payments will be refunded, less the Reservation Fee. If Terra Explore Expeditions revokes a reservation after March 15, the $500 payment and, if applicable, any non-refundable airline tickets, will be forfeited. If Terra Explore Expeditions cancels or revokes a reservation, written notification will be sent to the address provided on the application form. Leaving a program in progress, for any reason, will not result in a refund, and no refunds will be made for any unused portion of a program. Terra Explore Expeditions reserves the right to cancel any program because of inadequate enrollment that makes the program economically unfeasible to operate or because of good faith concerns with respect to the safety, health, or welfare of the participants. If Terra Explore Expeditions cancels a trip prior to departure, a full refund of monies paid, except in the event the cancellation is due to a significant event that makes it infeasible to operate the trip as planned, in which case Terra Explore Expeditions will provide a refund and/or trip credit equivalent to monies paid. If Terra Explore Expeditions cancels the trip in progress, TEE will provide a prorated refund based on the number of days not completed on the trip. Terra Explore Expeditions will not be responsible for any refund for any expenses related to nonrefundable airline tickets.







Guidelines for Participation

While not a requirement to fully participate in the program, a SCUBA certification is strongly recommended.