Explore: Papua New Guinea


Vibrant Papua New Guinea

Our field expert-led expeditions to Papua New Guinea (PNG) converge on the numerous islands off the northern coast of the main island of New Guinea. A premier dive site, the Bismarck and Solomon Seas together comprise the eastern lobe of the Great Indo-Pacific Coral Triangle Region (CTR). Here you’ll discover stunning biodiversity, with more than half of all coral species found on earth, as well as vulnerable and endangered marine life, from Leatherback Turtles to Sei Whales.

The Bismarck Archipelago includes New Britain, New Ireland, New Hanover, and Bougainville, and is ideally suited to our Terra Explore Method of enveloping a region for scientific exploration. Participate in the scientific documentation and reporting of this unique environment, with the prospect of new discoveries, and exploration of amazing geologic forces and unmatched cultural diversity.

Upcoming Trips

Papua New Guinea with Mahonia Na Dari

Our field expert led expedition to Papua New Guinea is based in beautiful West New Britain Province. We will explore the region in association with our NGO partner, Mahonia Na Dari, which translates to Guardian of the Sea in the local Bakovi language. This trip is open to high school age students traveling with parents or a guardian, or adults traveling without children. Participants will obtain a Certificate of Proficiency in Marine Conservation. 

Buka, Bougainville and Carteret

Join us aboard a research vessel on expedition to the Eastern Lobe of the Coral Triangle, the apex of marine biodiversity. We will circumnavigate the rarely visited, pristine, and biologically rich waters around the remote islands of Buka, Bougainville, and Carteret, which form the largest atoll of the North Solomon’s Province of Papua New Guinea. 

Coming Soon

Meet the Expedition Team

John Holder – Expedition Leader

Naturalist, Historian, and Photographer John has, over the past four decades, actively engaged in: cruising on, diving under, flying over, and lecturing about our planet’s great oceans.Founder of EXPLORE, he is a true explorer. A Fellow of The Explorers Club and Chairman Emeritus of its Texas Chapter, John has conceived, and led, numerous expeditions to the planet’s most remote regions to unlock the secrets within. John has participated in expeditions as a: historian, naturalist, photographer, and leader; while working with noted scientists and fellow explorers. John’s interests and passions have taken him to over 110 countries. He is a pilot, divemaster, and USCG Captain. 

Amanda Cotton- Expedition Photographer/ Diarist 

Amanda Cotton, Professional Photographer specializes in underwater imagery. As an avid scuba diver and ocean enthusiast, Amanda’s goal is to help the general public embrace the beauty below the waves, in hopes that with awareness comes concern. The conservation and preservation of this ecosystem is of the highest priority to Amanda.

Amanda is honored to be a Member National of The Explorers Club and the OAS (Ocean Artists Society). Amanda was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame in 2015 and was named Scuba Diving Magazine’s July 2017 SEA HERO. Amanda’s imagery has been published in major publications and news sources worldwide including National Geographic, BBC, Discovery, Smithsonian Magazine, Times Publishing, CNN, Scuba Diving Magazine, Sport Diver Magazine, Natural History Magazine, Earthweek, and Science Daily; as well as many international dive industry advertising campaigns. Working with organizations such as Scholastic Books, The Conservation Fund, Consortium For Ocean Leadership, Women Diver’s Hall of Fame, Marine Life Protection Act, and Rourke Publishing has allowed her imagery to have a positive impact on the oceans through education and outreach programs designed to improve awareness toward the plight the oceans now face.


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