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Sea Turtle Conservancy

Since 2003, the Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) has conducted research, conservation, training and community education in the region of Bocas del Toro, Panama, specifically on seven associated sea turtle nesting sites spread around the Bocas archipelago. 

The STC’s efforts in Panama are focused on two main sea turtle species: leatherbacks and hawksbills, both of which are endangered globally but still nest in significant numbers on STC project beaches. 

The STC’s work is carried out under the direction of Scientific Director Dr. Roldan Valverde, and three on site staff biologists, Cristina Ordonez, Raul Garcia and Xavier Young, along with volunteer biology students (research assistants), and trained beach monitors, many of which are members of the local Ngobe community. 

Terra Explore Expedition members will visit remote project sites to observe nesting turtles, participate in research, experience the local indigenous culture and see the unspoiled beauty of the remote Caribbean coast of Panama.


May/Early June 2023 (customized dates for group) 


$4000 (not including international airfare) 


  • High School Age Students (or Older) Traveling with Parents or Guardians
  • Adults Traveling without Children
  • Maximum of 10 Participants


Personalized movie, created by Terra partner, URLIFE Media, and their team of Hollywood Producers and Editors, using content captured by participant.


Day 1 

Terra members will fly to Panama City, Panama in the morning and transfer to a nearby municipal airport to take a late afternoon flight via Air Panama to the coastal community of Bocas del Toro.  

The first night will be spent at a comfortable water-front hotel in Bocas with a group dinner and orientation hosted by STC staff. 

Day 2

Terra members will travel via boat to the STC research station at Soropta Beach.  The STC has two comfortable project boats that are able to carry up to 10 guests and their luggage and supplies.  The boat ride takes approximately one hour, traveling through the beautiful bay and a canopied tropical river to the dock at the STC’s remote station, which is located miles from the nearest neighbor.

Importantly, the STC’s station does not have traditional grid-tied electricity, but solar panels provide lighting at night, and food and beverages are shipped in with guests, stored in heavy-duty coolers and prepared by an indigenous cook in the station’s modest gas-equipped kitchen and dining hall. 

Sleeping arrangements are dorm-style with bunkbeds in a newly constructed guest building.  Water at the station is collected from rainwater and stored in elevated cisterns, which gravity-feed the restrooms and showers.  Note: The water is not heated.

Night 2 – 4

Terra members will participate in the STC’s nightly beach monitoring and tagging project focused on leatherback turtles, including the potential to apply satellite transmitters to the turtles at night (dependent on the dates of each expedition).

Note: The STC monitors the migratory movements of leatherbacks as part of its work, and the tracks of the turtles are posted online for participants to follow. 

Terra members will also view a plethora of birds, monkeys, sloths and manatees that are commonly spotted via the STC boat tours on the river, and a portion of each day will also be spent relaxing or hiking the beach.  


Morning Day 5 

Terra members will travel back to Bocas del Toro by boat and then on to Tranquillo Bay, an upscale eco-lodge where the STC monitors hawksbill nesting.  Members will then go to nearby Zapatilla Cay to observe the camp, walk around the small island and snorkel around the nearshore reefs.  

Night 5 (and 6) 

Terra members will have a group dinner at either Bocas or Tranquillo Bay and may stay another night and day at Tranquillo Bay to further explore, kayak, surf (dependant on conditions), hike and / or snorkel. 

Departure on Day 6 or 7 

Terra members will depart Bocas via Air Panama Air for Panama City to catch a late afternoon international flight back to the States.  Note: Any delay could jeopardize this itinerary, and Air Panama does not fly to the international airport from Bocas.  There is an up to one-hour transfer, depending on traffic, to get from the municipal airport to the international airport.  For this reason, flying back to Panama City on one day, spending the night in Panama City, and departing back to the U.S. on the following day is recommended. 

Terms of Payment

Contact us to speak to a Terra representative to schedule a Zoom call.

We will assist you in answering questions regarding the expedition including insurance, medical, and visa requirements, as well as in finalizing room and additional activity reservations. A deposit is required to secure your reservation.


Note that a portion of your payment is tax deductible as a donation through Terra Conservation Initiative, a sponsored program of Ngaren Inc.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation 31 days or more before the arrival date: deposit not refunded.

Cancellation 30 days or less before the start of services: 0% refunded. Can be rescheduled if COvid-related disruptions occur.



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