Explore: Mara Elephant Project


Maasai Mara, Kenya with Mara Elephant Project

Student Expedition

Age Group: Grades 10-12

Explore the majestic Maasai Mara with Terra Conservation Initiative Ambassadors. Our NGO partner, Mara Elephant Project (MEP), works tirelessly to protect elephants, and in the process conserve the greater Mara ecosystem. These historic elephant rangelands have hosted a rise in human-elephant conflict due to human population growth, deforestation and intensified poaching of elephants—which is at its highest level since the international ivory trade ban. MEP utilizes a symphony of anti-poaching ranger patrols, rapid response units, collaring, monitoring and research techniques to mitigate the crisis.





  • Airfare is not included; we have arranged a group flight from New York to Nairobi.
  • Aside from our hotel in Nairobi upon arrival and departure, accommodation will be in safari tents. 
  • Our trips are intimate, hands-on experiences, maxing out at 10 students with a minimum of two highly qualified Expedition Leaders.
Our partner URLIFE Media, and their team of Hollywood Producers and Editors, will create a personalized movie using the content you capture on expedition.

Expedition Highlights

Ranger Patrols and Overnight with the Rangers: Discover what it’s like to be the boots on the ground, at the forefront of MEP’s counter poaching efforts.

Advanced Tracking Technologies: Study the innovative techniques and technologies MEP uses to eliminate the illegal killing of elephants in collaboration with partners, landowners and government.

Human Wildlife Conflict Management Training: MEP manages human-elephant conflict by collaring and tracking elephant movement, deploying anti-poaching patrols and rapid response units.

Snare Removal: Assist in the search for and removal of wire snares set by poachers to catch zebras and wildebeest.

Local Community Engagement: Visit the local craft market via the Maa Trust, who support a number of community development projects. A core message of The Maa Trust is “Esiaai Tenkaraki Ing’uesi” meaning “work because of the wildlife.” All of the projects they engage are directly happening because of the wildlife they co-exist with.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 – Group flight from New York to Nairobi

Day 2 – Group arrives in Nairobi. Dinner and lodging in Nairobi.

Day 3 – Leaving in the morning, the group will travel to the Maasai Mara, a six hour drive. A Mara Elephant Project orientation will be held in the afternoon. Settle into safari tents.

Day 4 – Field work/activities at MEP

Day 5 – Field work/activities at MEP

Day 6 – Field work/activities at MEP/snare removal

Day 7 – Activities at MEP/working with the local community, Maa Trust

Day 8 – Activities at MEP/field work and working with the animal orphanages

Day 9 – Activities at MEP/Skills Day

Day 10 – The group drives back to Nairobi. Afternoon visit at the market in Nairobi. Dinner and lodging in Nairobi.

Day 11 – Group flight back to New York.

Day 12 – Group arrives at New York

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