Freeland Foundation


Protect Last Strongholds of Asian Elephants, Tigers & Other Endangered Animals from Wildlife Poaching & Trafficking


Protect the Frontline

Freeland Foundation trained anti-poaching rangers are on the frontline every day, protecting the animals and local communities of Southeast Asia. In its first Freeland support initiative, Terra Conservation is providing anti-poaching rangers in direct sustainable technology support. Designed in collaboration with Freeland Foundation individuals and teams, Terra Expeditionary Ranger Systems provide necessary equipment and support to these frontline wildlife protectors. Your contributions help to secure critical systems components including solar arrays, energy storage, water filtration, energy efficient lighting, communications, and first aid for Freeland’s anti-poaching rangers.

Project Details & Background

The Freeland Foundation is a frontline counter-trafficking organization creating a more secure world. Its critical mission is to protect vulnerable wildlife—and people—from organized crime and corruption, while revitalizing ecosystems and communities. The Freeland Foundation has organized a global team of law enforcement and development experts who work alongside government officials, local communities, students, and other NGOs across Asia, Africa and the Americas. Known globally as creative risk-takers, Freeland Foundation founder Steve Galster and his team have implemented proven anti-poaching strategies that protect people and the environment from exploitative, illicit trade. These include securing and analyzing wildlife trafficking supply chain data to inform comprehensive response mechanisms, empowering governments and civil societies to dismantle organized crime syndicates, developing and implementing policies to sustain Counter-Wildlife Trafficking, and transforming human behavior.

Freeland’s Scope

Multiple Freeland Foundation programs and activities are achieving historical, quantifiable success in wildlife protection. In 2015, Freeland launched a custom mobile database application, WILDSCAN, that uniquely assists enforcement officers in identifying and tracking poached species. The SURVIVING TOGETHER program collaborates deeply with protected area managers, rangers, and surrounding communities to confront the root causes of environmental degradation head on; Surviving Together is meeting local needs by investing in existing and emerging community leaders to ensure effective installation of sustainable protections systems that can be refined, tailored, and replicated. The PROTECT program provides tailored, comprehensive training packages for rangers and managers in protected areas, dramatically improving security through law enforcement and patrolling in remaining forest reserves. For wildlife crime investigators, the DETECT program offers detailed, theoretical and hands-on forensic training towards securing crimes scenes for the collection and analysis of evidence. You can learn more about myriad other Freeland Foundation programs focused on counter-trafficking, governance and legislation, and disrupting illicit supply chains here.

The Wildlife Warrior

Steve Galster

International Wildlife Warrior

Steve Galster has helped develop five organizations, including Global Survival Network (USA), Phoenix (Russia), WildAid, ASEAN-WEN, and the Freeland Foundation. He has served as a Chief of several USAID-sponsored programs between 2005-2012 and now works closely with the ASEAN Secretariat, NGOs, Police, Customs, and environmental agencies of 14 Asian countries to develop multi-agency task forces and public awareness initiatives that address transnational organized crime. His background covers investigative research, media campaigning, and program development relating to counter-human and wildlife trafficking programs in the former Soviet Union, USA, China, Afghanistan, Africa and Southeast Asia.


Am I contributing to the Freeland Foundation or to the Terra Conservation Initiative?

Your donation will go to Terra Conservation Initiative to support Freeland Foundation and other TCI conservation organizations.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes, Terra Conservation Initiative (TCI) is a program sponsored by Ngaren, a 501(c)(3) organization.

How many rangers is the Terra Conservation helping to support in Thailand?

500 to start.

Are the rangers being supported in this initiative focused more on wildlife or human trafficking?


What are the impacts of wildlife trafficking?

The impacts of wildlife trafficking are broad and complex, representing a threat to wildlife species, natural habitats, and human beings. The collapse of crucial ecosystems has dire effects on our food and water supplies, while worsening the global effects of climate change. Unregulated trade of wild animals spreads diseases including SARS and Avian Influenza, endangering human health. 

Are there additional ways that I can contribute to the Freeland Foundation?

Yes, you can donate directly to the Freeland Profile on Givvor (