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Your donation to Terra Conservation Initiative through the Givvor platform provides critical sustainable technologies for our conservation partners in the field.

Featured TCI Solutions

Counter Poaching

Ranger Packs

Secure critical systems pack components including solar arrays, energy storage, water filtration, energy efficient lighting, communications, and first aid.

Electric Vehicles

Deliver tough, zero emission vehicles to boost field operations, silently and efficiently. Terra trucks are economical, reliable and meet environmental and tactical requirements for rangers. 

TrailGuard™ AI

Help detect and stop poachers before they kill by installing innovative, durable cryptic anti-poaching camera systems across wildlife preserves. 


By putting cutting-edge, sustainable, technological solutions directly into the hands of wildlife reserve managers, counter-poaching units and conservationists, TCI is able to help stop the siege on our planet’s wildlife and ecosystems in its tracks.



We work closely with our vetted Conservation Partners to provide them with the most essential technologies, targeting the success of their missions.


Freeland Foundation



Focused Conservation

Wild Tomorrow

Mara Elephant Project


Turkana Basin Institute

Born Free USA

TCI believes in a collaborative conservation approach, which views conservation as an investment into community, thereby building a newer, mightier future.