TCI Expanding Efforts To Protect & Preserve Vulnerable Wildlife & Lands 

February 11, 2020 Terra Conservation Initiative (www.terraconservation.org), is amplifying support of international conservation and wildlife protection focused on non-profit and government organizations through Terra Explore Expeditions (www.terraexplore.bz) and in collaboration with the disruptive Givvor (www.givvor.com) fundraising platform.

Terra Conservation Initiative Protects & Preserves Vulnerable Wildlife & Land through:

  •  The development of Partnerships with Conservation Focused Governments, Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Deployment of Sustainable Technologies and Solutions to Passionate Conservation Partners Working in Counter Poaching Operations in the Field and around the world
  • Acquisition and Preservation of Vulnerable Ecosystems
  • Utilization of Exploration and Field Sciences

to further a world with abundant, diverse and healthy ecosystems.

Our disruptive partnership connects highly innovative and impactful organizations working at the crossroads of wildlife, ecosystems, and humanity. TCI is able to support meaningful and sustained impact by:

  • By supplying conservationists working in remote environments with clean technologies to combat wildlife poaching and trafficking, as well as supporting large, ongoing conservation initiatives.
  • By providing Terra Explore student and adult expedition participants with the skills and opportunities to effectively contribute to critical ecosystem and wildlife conservation initiatives.
  • By utilizing the Givvor platform technology to create awareness and raise philanthropic donations to pay for…
    • Terra Explore Expeditions
    • Terra Sustainable Technologies Equipment
    • Cash for Operations

“The Terra Conservation Initiative (TCI) is breaking down barriers and disrupting the conservation space by spearheading the use of smart technology to protect the planet. Partnering with some of the best organizations on the ground, TCI not only provides technological solutions to conservation and climate change problems, but also raises funds to make the solutions affordable, and works closely with organizations to ensure that the technology is appropriate and sustainable.” – Ellen O’Connell, TCI

“The partnership between TCI and Givvor is a perfect fit. Anytime you have people passionate about conservation, a community forms and people strive to see the impact that their contributions make. Not everyone can experience the emotion and impact on the ground and the TCI Givvor community provides a great place for people to convene and stay connected.” Alex Huff, CEO of Givvor.

About Terra Conservation Initiative (www.TerraConservation.org):

TCI supplies desperately needed sustainable technologies and solutions to its counter-poaching partners working in dangerous regions to protect wildlife populations.

TCI works to preserve ecosystems that are critical to the existence of every plant and animal species on Earth.

TCI is dedicated to educating and supporting organizations that educate young students and people of all ages on wildlife and ecosystem conservation, so that our natural world is protected for generations to come.

About Terra Explore Expeditions (www.TerraExplore.bz):

Terra Explore Expeditions operate in remote, ecologically diverse areas in all regions of the planet, with non-profit and government partners that are working tirelessly to protect wildlife, wild-lands and fragile ecosystems.

By combining training in expeditionary science, photography, ecological science and wildlife biodiversity, Terra Explore’s world-renowned Ambassadors provide student and 

adult expedition participants with unique, multidisciplinary skills and opportunities to effectively contribute to critical ecosystem and wildlife conservation initiatives.

About Givvor (givvor.com):

 Givvor is a social giving platform designed to serve and empower donors with state of the art technology. The platform features complete transparency, unparalleled privacy and a unique opportunity for donors, foundations and nonprofits to interact and foster inspired community engagement.