The Terra Conservation Initiative Is Committed To Protecting Our Environment, Our Wildlife And Our Most Vulnerable Ecosystems.


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The Terra Conservation Initiative Protects and Preserves Vulnerable Wildlife & Land by…


  • Developing Partnerships with Conservation Focused Governments, Businesses and Non-Profit Organization
  • Utilizing Exploration and Field Sciences
  • Deploying Sustainable Technologies and Solutions to Passionate Conservation Partners Working in Counter Poaching Operations in the Field
  • Acquiring and Preserving Vulnerable Ecosystems

…to further a world with abundant, diverse and healthy ecosystems.

Terra Expeditions

Kenya Expedition

Explore the majestic Maasai Mara with Terra Conservation Initiative Ambassadors. Our NGO partner, Mara Elephant Project (MEP), works tirelessly to protect elephants, and in the process conserve the greater Mara ecosystem.

South Africa Expedition

Join Terra Conservation Initiative Ambassadors in Zululand, South Africa, and help provide hands-on and impactful conservation work while learning from ecologists, vets, rangers and the local community.

Papua New Guinea Expeditions

Our field expert-led expeditions to Papua New Guinea (PNG) converge on the numerous islands off the northern coast of the main island of New Guinea.